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  In down town Sana'a City, a comfortable place to stay while visiting the land of Sheba. Welcome to Sheba Hotel. It is our pleasure to serve you the best. The best that only the Sheba Hotel knows best !!
Welcome to Sheba Hotel

Amidst the medieval town, spread with palaces, mosques and quaint little bazaars, you will find a haven of luxury and comfort. Ideally situated at the crossroads of Sana'a's business, cultural and shopping districts in the a central location in the city of Sana'a, the capital of Yemen.  Welcome to Sheba Hotel.


Located around the city's business and shopping centers, Sheba Hotel is just 14 Km away from Sana'a International airport. Offering its discerning customer a blend of native graciousness and modern sophistication in a way only the Sheba Hotel knows best.

Local Attractions

Old City

The Old City has a well preserved city wall and many 400year-old houses, which were built of dark basalt stone and decorated with intricately carved friezes. The old city was also famous for its lush gardens.

Souq al-Milh

Souq al-Milh, meaning ‘Salt Market’ is a trading centre for a wide variety of goods including jewellery, silver, leather goods, silks, carpets, copper, woodwork and clothing. The main souq of Sana'a is best visited in the morning and evening between 1800 hours and 1900 hours, which are the peak business hours.

The National Museum

Located in Dar as-Sa'd, "the House of Good Luck" and once a royal palace, the museum displays artefacts from the ancient kingdoms of Saba, Ma'rib, Ma'in and Himyar. The place is next to al-Mutwakil mosque, about 100 metres north of Tahrir Square. A Military Museum is also situated at the western corner of the same square.

Manakha Agricultural Terraces

Located in central Yemen, in the mountains west of Sana'a, these terraces have been built on long slopes, some of which may be as much as 1000 meters from the top to the bottom. These terraces hosted coffee plantations and in the recent times more and more Qat plantations. Qat is a light drug obtained from the leaves of a cultivated and irrigated tree and is largely consumed in Yemen, chewed by people every afternoon.


P.O.Box 773,
Ali Abdolmoghni Street,
Sana'a, Republic of Yemen.
Tel. +967-1-272372 
Fax: +967-1-274129 

Guest comments:

" Sana'a is such a wonderful city. I enjoyed my visit very much, and if it wasn't for Sheba Hotel, I wouldn't have enjoyed all the services and great location."

" People in Sheba Hotel are very friendly, and they helped me all the time and made my trip fruitful."

"Definitely, I would come back to Sheba Hotel. It has a high quality room service, delicious food and a great location."

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